Diabetes experts are demanding novel treatments that address drug adherence by:

Simplifying treatment regimens
Reducing frequency of administration
Avoiding reliance on human behavior
Increasing treatment duration and adherence

Long-term drug implants may overcome the administration challenges of oral and injectable medicines.

Implantable devices can be designed to consistently release medicine, avoiding the fluctuation of drug levels at any point in time and potentially improving tolerability.

When these devices are capable of delivering medicine over many months, they can also avoid interruptions in dosing for any reason which may have a positive impact on long-term outcomes.

Steady delivery. Consistent dosing. Assured adherence.

Our NanoPortal devices are biocompatible, miniaturized, subdermal implants designed to deliver a broad variety of drug molecules, including peptide therapeutics, over an extended period of time.

By removing the administration burden of taking daily or weekly medications, our drug implants are designed to guarantee drug adherence and help patients realize the full potential benefit of their medication.