NanoPortal is built for extended treatment and broad applications.

Our proprietary NanoPortal platform technology is designed to deliver medication steadily over extended periods of time, with the aim of guaranteeing that patients consistently receive the right dose. In addition, NanoPortal has the potential to improve tolerability by avoiding concerns typically associated with medications with fluctuating drug release profiles.

Unlike other extended-release therapeutic implants, NanoPortal can also deliver large hydrophilic molecules, such as peptides and proteins, potentially enabling a broader range of therapeutic applications.​

Simple. Elegant. Flexible.


Space-Efficient Design
Consists entirely of medication, allowing for extended treatment durations 

No Moving Parts
No pumps or electronics which can add device performance risk

Miniature Size
Allows the device to be inserted sub-dermally (below the skin) and easily removed

Flexible Capacity
Can include different concentrations of drug formulas to enable various dosing durations

Vertically Aligned Structure
Consists of long, straight, adjacently-connected nanotubes that remain firmly attached to the original titanium substrate 

Robust Lengths (40+ micrometers)
Maintains structural integrity and stable molecules under a variety of physiologic conditions

Flexible Tube Amounts & Pore Sizes
Can be increased or decreased, depending on the desired delivery rate of medication

The Implant Device

The NanoPortal™ difference.

Our proprietary, NanoPortal technology allows us to custom design each implant according to the specific drug molecule, intended drug release rate, implant duration and other aspects of the target product profile.

The unique flexibility of NanoPortal allows it to accommodate a wide variety of drug molecules and potentially improve the treatment of many different diseases.

The Goldilocks Effect

Too small.

When the pore is smaller than the drug molecule, the medication can’t escape the reservoir and enter the body.

The result:

No effects or efficacy

Just right.

When the pore is only slightly larger than the drug molecule, you can achieve a near constant, steady rate of medication delivery.

The result:

Long-term effectiveness and the potential for improved tolerability

Too large.

When the pore is much larger than the drug molecule, the rate of delivery decreases proportionally with the remaining drug concentration.

The result:

Short-term effectiveness and the potential for tolerability challenges