Gary Elliott, R.Ph.,
Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Gary T. Elliott brings 35 years in the industry including Vice or Executive Vice President Product Development and Technical Operations with Salmedix, Adventrx, HuyaBioscience, Ribi Immunochem and Sr. Director at Corixa. His experience has been built upon a formal didactive background of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry. Dr Elliott has had considerable interaction over the years with US, Canadian and European drug and biologics regulatory authorities, authoring and supervising compilation of many regulatory filings (e.g. INDs, NDAs, annual reports, end of Phase 2, Phase 3 and NDA, CMC, preclinical safety and clinical technical documents) and experience organizing participating and leading associated face to face and telephonic Type A, B and C meetings with regulatory authorities. Dr. Elliott is consequently well versed in preclinical pharmacology, drug safety, CMC, bioanalytical FDA and ICH regulatory guidances and Phase Appropriate Drug Development Strategy as applied in US, EU, Canadian and Australian theatres.

Gary brings integrated technical expertise in formulation, analytical, medicinal chemistry and experience and expertise in Natural Products/plant-derived Drug Substance and Drug Product Development, bioanalytical method development and in vitro and in vivo biological testing. Gary has additionally designed and supervised pharmacology, toxicology and clinical programs in multiple therapeutic areas including but not limited to infectious disease, immunology, oncology and cardiology. Since the successful sale of Salmedix, Gary has served as a consultant to the industry and is currently a Lead consultant and Partner with Pharmaceutical Advisors LLC and President of Galenic Strategies LLC.