Aaron Mendelsohn, J.D. Headshot

Aaron Mendelsohn, J.D.


Mr. Mendelsohn has served as a member of the Vivani Medical Board since the company’s merger was completed in August 2022. Prior to the merger, he was a founder and member of the Board for Second Sight Medical Products, as well as a member of the Nano Precision Medical Board. Mr. Mendelsohn has been involved in financing in the medical field, including several Al Mann companies such as MiniMed, MRG, and Advanced Bionics. He served as a director of MRG from its formation in 1998 until it was sold in 2001 to Medtronic, Inc. He served on the board of Advanced Bionics for many years until it was sold to Boston Scientific in 2004. He served as a director of the Alfred Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering at USC from its inception in 1998 until after Al Mann’s death in 2016. During that time, he was a member of the 3-man committee that served as the CEO.

Mr. Mendelsohn also is a founder and has served as Chairman of the Maestro Foundation since it was organized in 1983. The Maestro foundation is a leading non-profit musical philanthropic organization which hosts what is considered to be the nation’s premier chamber music series and has an active instrument lending program which lends approximately 100 professional-level string instruments and bows to young, career-bound classical musicians. Mr. Mendelsohn holds a Bachelor’s Degree with honors from UCLA and holds a JD from Loyola University School of Law.